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Why Logic Aluminium Are An Approved SENIOR & TECHNAL Aluminium Systems Fabricator & Installer

Posted by Murray Pullen on Jan 10, 2018 11:14:35 AM

Why Logic Aluminium Are An Approved SENIOR & TECHNAL Aluminium Systems Fabricator & Installer.jpg

Senior and Technal are large enterprises and highly regarded suppliers of aluminium products here in the UK. Technal have a worldwide presence. They maintain their status by practicing the highest standards in their internal production processes and also, importantly, stringent approval criteria to appoint only the best fabricator/installation companies. It’s in their best interests to appoint only fabricators who will uphold their extremely high standards so as to protect and enhance the reputations of Senior and Technal.

Being approved by such quality supplier’s means that dealing with Logic Aluminium is practically guaranteed to be a fully satisfactory experience for you and your client.

We Work With Market Leading Supply Partners

Quality is one of the red lines that we never compromise on. It is never worth trying to save money by going with cheaper options or inexperienced suppliers. We have cultivated several positive supplier relationships over the years, giving us access to market leading shopfronts, windows, doors, glazing and curtain walling systems. Our main suppliers include:

This adherence to quality on the input side is maintained and reflected across all aspects of our operation. Our workforce receives the best training and product knowledge. We take our accreditations seriously, and our prized status as approved fabricators and installers for these and other suppliers.

Guaranteed Satisfactory Delivery - On Time, On Budget, On Spec

Our reputation is based on simple, core principles – truthfulness, reliability, quality. When you work with us, you can depend on us to deliver what we promise, on the date we promised it. We will be realistic about what you can achieve within your budget and won’t mislead you about how long things are likely to take. We don’t believe in putting ourselves under impossible pressure by “selling” timescales that we cannot meet. So you can rest assured that the delivery times and quotes we give you will be accurate, and will reflect the final cost of your project. There won’t be any last minute add-ons or nasty surprises. You don’t have to take our word on this. We are happy to share customer testimonials and references with you, on request. Just let us know and we’ll link you up with an example relevant to your industry. We have a solid track record of Customer Satisfaction to back up this promise to you.

We Help You To Implement Bespoke Solutions

Your customer wants a value for money solution that matches all their requirements, so that is what we aim to provide you with. Bring your brief and we will utilise our industry knowledge and supplier contacts to put together a bespoke solution for you. The objective is to deliver as much as possible for your budget, and deliver an attractive glazing package solution for a competitive bid. Included in the quote will be a complete breakdown of costs and timescales so you and your customer can see exactly how their money is being spent and how they are saving money compared to other options. Curtain walling is not a black and white industry. Personal preferences and taste play a large part – so we will normally aim to give you several options to choose from.

Accreditation And Compliance With Quality Standards

We maintain strict compliance with the following standards, as well as others that may apply to your project:

  • BS-EN 12150-1 & BS EN 12150-2: safety standards for glass used in buildings.
  • ISO 9001
  • EN 45011: product certification for construction products
  • Our systems employ aluminium alloy 6060 and 6063 T6, which comply with the safety standards set out in BS EN 755

For additional information, please download our valuable Buyer’s Guide to Curtain Walling for free by clicking here.

Buyer's Guide To Curtain Walling Systems

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