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The Value Of Having Q Mark Certified Aluminium Products Installed

Posted by Murray Pullen on Jan 25, 2018 11:35:00 AM

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Your clients want assurance that your installation will do what it says on the tin and will be fit for purpose. Bland assurances simply do not cut the mustard and, as anybody involved in construction knows, the inherent flaws and weaknesses in inferior products are often not immediately apparent and may not come to light for several years. Aluminium products are extremely popular in everything from door and window systems to curtain walling. Your reputation in this regard relies to a large extent on utilising and deploying dependable aluminium products.

The solution is to use aluminium products that carry the Q Mark. That gives you peace of mind that your doors, windows and curtain walling have been assured to pass a range of strict quality and performance criteria, and are therefore of the highest standard. Products that do not carry the Q Mark cannot be verified for production or engineering standards. This is a deficiency that may well cause an issue for your client, who would be expected to choose a company that will deliver only the highest quality aluminium products as an important part of the construction project.

What Does A Q Mark Indicate?

A Q Mark can indicate several characteristics, so it is good to be clear about what it means, even if your work is Q Mark certified. The Q Mark could, for instance, simply mean that the work meets in-house inspection standards, which is too subjective and inadequate to act as a measure of quality unless it can be externally verified. Therefore externally certified Q-Mark products are what you should be looking for.

When assessing Q-Mark certification, look for compliance to the following standards, as well as others that may apply to your project:

  • BS-EN 12150-1 & BS EN 12150-2: safety standards for glass used in buildings.
  • ISO 9001
  • EN 45011: product certification for construction products

Q Marks & CE Marks

A Q Mark, often accompanied by a CE mark, assures you that the work meets the standards of the Construction Products Directive (CPD), is type tested and produced in a quality controlled and audited environment. If in doubt, you may wish to have the product quality independently verified.

Logic Aluminium can supply Q-Mark eternally certified aluminium products. Like all reputable suppliers across all industries, we prize our reputation for dependability and quality. Our survival in a competitive industry depends on maintaining a top class reputation. From the very outset, we sought out the best means of assuring our customers that everything we supply (and install) meets the highest standards in the land. It’s the only way to do business and does not impact costs once the basic requirements for quality adherence have been embedded into our internal processes. That covers everything from sourcing the products from likeminded companies, through training our workforce so that quality is second nature in everything they do.

Sustaining Quality & CPD Compliance

Being a Quality Company and maintaining our Q-Mark certification is not a one-off occurrence. It is a state of mind, a lifestyle thing in our workplace. You can see it in everything we do – from the way we answer the phone and handle your enquiry through to prompt preparation of quotations and adherence to the delivery schedule we give you. It means we resist the temptation to cut corners or to tell porkies when making promises, even if you want us to be faster than we can realistically manage.

Of course, not all of that is subject to the Q-Mark. In fact, none of it is because the Q-Mark relates only to the physical aluminium products we supply. But a consciousness of quality permeates Logic Aluminium from top to bottom. That is why you can rely on us and our products to deliver a solid and dependable performance for you and your clients every time.

Call us today on 0115 968 0680 to discuss your project requirements. As a free resource, we have also written a Curtain Walling Guide to help construction businesses find the best solutions when dealing with customer requirements for aluminium facing. Click here to download your copy today.

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